Loosing my little sweet Bodhi to cancer at such a young age is one of the major heartbreaks of my life. When a loved one who you are responsible for becomes so ill, you feel as though you are being punished!

Bodhi was the cutest puppy that there ever was. People couldn't believe that he was real and not a stuffed toy.

He loved to be carried around Manhattan with his little arms wrapped around my shoulders watching the world around him. Eventually he became too big to carry around that way but boy was that a funny thing to see. It made everyone on the street laugh. I would take him to the dog run at Washing Square Park and sometimes he would jump onto a bench and wedge himself in between a couple of strangers and just sit there so straight and proud. The people would wonder where he came from and usually start petting him and that made him pretty happy.

When he was one year old we got a Chihuahua puppy named Diego and we became the perfect family. We had many fabulous beach vacations together. The "boys" came to work with me everyday. Everyone loved Bodhi very much.

After Bodhi died I got a new puppy for Diego but he is still very depressed and devastated about Bodhi being gone. Our lives will never be the same. There could never be another Bodhi. He was one of a kind and will always remain in our hearts!

More Pictures of Bodhi