Kham Ra

1 . Where are you located?

2 . How often do you have puppies?

3 . What cost is involved?

4 .Show Price / Pet Price?

5 . Is this breed right for you?

6 . Tibetans and Children

7 . Care for a Tibetan

8 . Qualifications for a buyer

9. Owning a Tibetan with other animals

10. Can I give one as a gift?

11. Do they like to cuddle?

12. "We can't wait for a Tibetan"

13. Should I get a Male or Female?

14. Colors of a Tibetan Terrier

15.Who will choose my puppy?

16. Having a job with a Tibetan

17. Training The Tibetan

18. Why can't I buy two puppies at the same time?

19. What age should I spay my female or neuter my male?

20. Can my Tibetan ever be off their leash?